White Wine Cookies

Baseball caps worn backwards is a fashion statement I just do not understand. It should’ve died out like the shoulder pads and the crocs, trends that we look back at in shame. But it’s still here, and whilst the shoulder pads and the crocs didn’t make it to the sports space, oh the backwards baseball cap did. Yes, I have witnessed on several occasions people wearing their baseball caps backwards as part of their gym outfit.
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Italian Red Wine Cookies

People underestimate how much they change. We think we’re pretty much set in stone when we reach adulthood, but even at 60 some people look back and say they’re different than how they were 5 years ago.  Personally I think I’ve grown more introverted and socially awkward over the years. I used to be that unbearable person that needed constant interaction with people. I was this ball of bubbly energy that yearned to befriend everyone – and whilst I’m still a people pleaser (which I don’t know why is a negative label), I find old me exhausting and intolerable.
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