Chocolate-Covered Almonds

I’ve been trying to practice mindful eating. It’s what would prevent me from devouring an entire bowl of these almonds in two minutes. I’m still learning. So far my strategy of refraining from mindless eating is to simply avoid all foods that trigger that primal side of me. It’s chocolate-covered coffee beans, bread sticks, chips: anything with that right combination of sweet or salty along with that satisfying crunch.
chocoalte covered almonds.jpg
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Fennel Seed Taralli

I struggle with mindfulness. It’s silly as my stressed out life and jammed schedules could really benefit from mindfulness but it is because of those two factors that I have no patience or time for it. The one thing I’m trying to be more conscious of is mindful eating as mindless grazing is one of my many pitfalls. These taralli are exactly something I would mindlessly eat in front of my Mac until I reach the bottom of the bowl and find nothing but shame and guilt.
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