Roasted Broccoli with Peanuts

Okay, there are some unspoken rules about the lunch you bring to work.  You don’t bring brassica vegetables, you don’t bring fish, you definitely shouldn’t bring anything that is seasoned with fish sauce.  I’ll admit, I’ve done most of those, because whilst in general I’m quite considerate of those around me, noone can tell me what I can or cannot eat.  That said, however, after what happened a few days ago I probably never will again.
Some poor bastard heated up his fish meal for lunch at work.  Probably leftover from the nice fish supper they had the night before.  Maybe their partner had lovingly prepared it, maybe it was from the really nice but overpriced fishmongers in the neighborhood, maybe they were up early in the morning and had decided to treat themselvese and so made some fish for lunch.   It’s none of our business.  Yes, the smell saturated the entire floor, and my colleagues and I had briefly commented on it, but then we moved on because that is something that just may happen when you have an open plan office.   Then, the HR lady actually went around every single table of diner to inspect the food and ask each of us sternly “is it you that’s eating fish?”
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