Vanilla Raspberry Jam

I’ll be honest, jam has never excited me.  It was never the spread of choice on my toast or in my croissants. In the true Italian fashion, I preferred Nutella as a child. Then with age and the exposure of American culture my Nutella was replaced by peanut butter, and it makes me feel better about eating it by the spoonful. So, not a big fan of jam, but I do however love making jam. I love hovering over the pot of simmering stew, having the steam rise up to your face, the room sweetened with the scent of fruit and sugar –  it’s the equivalent of going to the spa for me.
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Raspberry and Star Anise Friands

I’m imagining a sunny day, warm enough to be without a jacket. A vast park that is of various shades of green. It’s morning, there are people, but not too many. Warm, smiling people with their heads held high, as they usually are in the English summer. People walking their dogs, people jogging, people having picnics. Then there’s me. I’m laid down on my back on the grass, not minding the dirt or the insects, looking up at the calming shade of blue. I’m there with a bucket of fresh local raspberries and a large cappuccino. I can imagine myself to be happy and at peace in this scenario.
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