Pasta with Potatoes

I know that my first post in January should be something healthier, something involving #detox, #cleanse, and #cleaneating.  I know that the first days of January are filled with aspiration and ardor – the pubs empty, the gyms crammed, the office cafeterias packed with determined homemade salads. I know that everyone’s attempting to become a better version of themselves, which generally involves being “healthier”, which usually means weight loss, which often can be detrimental mentally.  Because so many of these new year resolutions fail. These unsuccessful resolutions can in turn make you feel like a failure. And when these failures are linked to body image, well, that’s unhealthy.

I wanted to share something comforting with you today, especially if you, too, find January to be the Monday of months.
potato pasta
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Bombay Potatoes

Curry recipes are often a bit of a hit-and-miss. It’s difficult to make a good one that balances all the spices, achieving a symphony of flavors rather than a just generic “hot”. I’m not saying that I’ve got curries covered, and that I’ve slaved over this recipe with trial and error, adjusting the proportions of the ingredients time after time. I don’t really improvise with curries, I look for curry recipes, follow them down to a tee, and share the ones that are good with you, like this one.
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Potato Latkes

As I’m sniffling and sneezing on the couch, feeling the pain in my body and the close approach of death, I’m thinking of how much I hate winter.  It’s been a stressful week, with clogged sinks, dysfunctional washing machine, populst parties and when the boiler broke down last night, my body just gave up.  What I’m really yearning for right now is a baked potato with a drizzle of olive oil and some Maldon salt.  That’s how my mom used to make it and I desperately need some soft, creamy, warm carb topped with fat and salt right now.  I was looking through some old photos and found this – potato latkes, which actually would be equally satisfying as well.  If I had the energy to stand up and do all the prep required for these potato latkes to realize, I would.
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