Multi-Seed Spelt Crackers

I am a product of globalization. My father’s Italian, my mother’s Chinese, I grew up in international schools in China and I’m now living in the UK. The point is, I do not know how to empathize with sentiments of nationalism and isolationism because I struggle to associate a country with my identity. I hold an Italian passport and I adore all the food and culture that Italy offers but I’ve never lived there. Italian’s not my native language. And to Italians I look Asian. I grew up in China and my mother’s a firm believer of Chinese medicine but I need a visa to go to the country. Most of my friends growing up were of international backgrounds. And to the Chinese I look white.

In the midst of all anti-globalization sentiment I feel a bit lost. I’d always loved London because I could actually be from here, I didn’t look or feel like a foreigner in this multicultural city.

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