Chocolate Miso Cookies (aka The Best Chocolate Cookies)

I always keep a jar of miso in the fridge. When I’m drained from the day, and when I’m unhealthily obsessed with my weight, I conjure up a sad concoction of steamed vegetables and call it dinner. Miso became a lifesaver because when I stirred a generous spoonful of it into my dinner, it suddenly lifted everything – and dinner was less sad. Miso’s a flavor bomb that imparts a savory and rich intensity to anything it touches. It belongs in more places than you’d think: I put it into sauces, sandwiches, soups, and even, yes, desserts.
miso chocolate
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Homemade Oreos

I was disgusted at the launch of Oreo Double Stuf.  For me, the best bit was always the cookie, and I always made an effort to open them up gently and delicately scrape away that white frosting with a knife. And it made me realize that not everyone is like me, which I often forget. I look at certain food launches in the world and their successes baffle me because I personally wouldn’t consume them.

Orange neither complements or contrasts chocolate and I find the pairing groundless. Infusing anything with rose makes it reminiscent of soap. Licorice should just be pulled out of the market, because it is actually one of the few things that I refuse to eat. And why hasn’t Oreo launched Oreo No Stuf?
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Chocolate, Tahini & Rosemary Cookies

I was that child that had chocolate permanently stained on her face. That child that wasn’t allowed to wear white, and whose tantrum could always be tamed by a bar of chocolate.  It was only ever going to be chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake and nutella on toast for me. Vanilla and fruit could move along, they had no room in my sweet childhood. Maybe hazelnut and caramel could sometimes act as supporting roles, but chocolate always took to be the main star.

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Matcha Biscotti

I am grateful for many of the material things that I have in my kitchen. I love my knives, I don’t know what I’d do without my soft spatula, and whilst I slice myself every time I use my mandolin, it is still a life saver. The newest addition to the family s is my standing mixer, which I’ve named Heston. I’ve had Heston for about half a year now and he’s made life so much easier. This recipe involves whisking the eggs and sugar until incredibly pale and fluffy, about 20 minutes with electric mixers in my hand. But with Heston,  I can just watch TV whilst he does his job. Heston’s great, Heston’s a good boy.
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White Wine Cookies

Baseball caps worn backwards is a fashion statement I just do not understand. It should’ve died out like the shoulder pads and the crocs, trends that we look back at in shame. But it’s still here, and whilst the shoulder pads and the crocs didn’t make it to the sports space, oh the backwards baseball cap did. Yes, I have witnessed on several occasions people wearing their baseball caps backwards as part of their gym outfit.
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Italian Red Wine Cookies

People underestimate how much they change. We think we’re pretty much set in stone when we reach adulthood, but even at 60 some people look back and say they’re different than how they were 5 years ago.  Personally I think I’ve grown more introverted and socially awkward over the years. I used to be that unbearable person that needed constant interaction with people. I was this ball of bubbly energy that yearned to befriend everyone – and whilst I’m still a people pleaser (which I don’t know why is a negative label), I find old me exhausting and intolerable.
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Spiced Chocolate Almond Diamonds

I worked in the pastry kitchen of a 5-star hotel one summer and the wastage I witnessed was astonishing.  Things had to be precise, brownies had to be 5 by 5 and if that slab of brownies was 29cm in length, well that 4cm strip at the end was binned.  If you unintentionally sliced it at an angle so it wasn’t perfectly square, it was binned.  Leftovers, binned.  Look at my mishaped cookies below, they would’ve been binned. img_9792-copy
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