Ricotta Pie

Back when my waistline was independent from my diet, the New York Cheesecake from Starbucks was a regular snack of mine. I remember having that rich, calorific cheesecake in conjunction with a sweet, sugar-laden frappuccino. Talk about the blessed metabolism of the youth. With time, my waistline and my palate have both developed an aversion for those cheesecakes as they are distastefully sweet and heavy. Instead, the more tempting version today would be the Italian cheesecake with ricotta, which is lighter and more delicate.
ricotta pie.jpg
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Parmesan Saffron Biscuits

They say I’m absent-minded, that I’ve always been.  I miss things, I lose things, I break things, I walk around in black and blue legs because I seem to not have any awareness of my own body and surroundings and thus constantly run into solid objects.  I hate it.  I hate being labeled as negligent, careless and distracted.  I broke a mug, a bowl and a new spice container yesterday.  I didn’t need to wait for a real scolding because whenever this happens my parents’ voices are loud and clear in my head, berating me for the mistakes I made and reinstating that’s why I am to  never touch anything, wait outside the glassware shop and never do anything remotely adventurous because they’re not meant for scatter-brained kids like me.  img_9902
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Halloumi with Courgette & Beans

My affinity for halloumi came late.  As with lots of people, my first few experiences with it was beyond unpalatable – they were cold, dense, rubbery superflous additions to salads.  I mean I still don’t like it cold, I don’t get why people eat the stuff cold.  Anyway, then I discovered grilled halloumi.IMG_9424.jpg
When halloumi is heated, instead of it melting and becoming stringy like other cheeses, it becomes soft and silky, and if you do it well with a thin crispy curst.  I’m salivating right now.  Continue reading “Halloumi with Courgette & Beans”