Chocolate & Hazelnut Quinoa Granola

During exam period in university I survived on nothing but granola and coffee. With food being strictly forbidden in our libraries, granola was the perfect library-friendly food to sneak in. See, your crudites and hummus made too much sound. As would a pack of crisps (imagine the glares as you open the pack).  Anything warm or capable of emitting odors was a strict no-no as well. And anything involving utensils will just decrease your productivity. On a nutritional level you need a healthy kick of sugar and carbs. My granola habit was however, boarding on unhealthy.  I could still munch on dry granola like there was no tomorrow, which is why I rarely buy or make it – no matter what healthy, organic refined sugar-free wholegrain granola made with extra virgin coconut oil and studded with a range of superfoods – 400g of it as an after lunch snack is still not good for you.
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Rye Apple Pancakes with Rosemary Honey

I’m not ashamed to say it – my affinity with apple desserts started with the McDonalds apple pie: the golden pocket of fried crisp pastry with hot, sweet apple filling. It was the compulsory last course of my McDonalds Happy Meal. In my teenage years I was introduced to apple strudels, and to this day it’s still one of my favorite desserts, with just the thought of it making me salivate.
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Better Baked Beans

“It has to be Heinz” – no, that sh*t’s got so much sugar and preservatives in it, make your baked beans at home.  I do not understand this British loyalty to Heinz baked beans.  Taste wise it’s pretty one dimensional, it is sweet and bland and it should not define how baked beans – an iconic British staple – taste.

Doesn’t this look so much more appetizing than that pale orange slimy dollop of beans that’s placed in the midst of a traditional fry-up?
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