Recipe Index

v: vegetarian
vg: vegan (many dishes that can be easily made vegan, like omitting the sprinkle of cheese at the end, may also have this sign)

gf: gluten-free (many dishes that can be easily made gluten-free, like replacing the bruschetta base with gluten-free bread, may also have this sign)


Halloumi with Courgette & Peas (v, gf)
Yellow Bruschetta (vg, gf)
Braised Artichokes with Vegetables & Pistou (vg, gf)
Tofu with peppers & Spicy Oyster Sauce (gf)
Salt and Vinegar Potatoes (vg, gf)
Spiced Corn & Pea Fritters (gf)
Savory Carrot Cake (v)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Tahini Dressing (vg, gf)
Gravlax with Fennel Remoulade (gf)
Salmon Crepe Cake (gf)

St Lucia Buns (Saffron Buns) (v)
Hazelnut & Cherry Loaf (v)
Rye Fruit Bread (vg)
A Killer Focaccia (v)

Shakshuka (v, gf)
Better Baked Beans (vg, gf)
Lemon Crepes (Crêpes au Citron) (v)
Rye Apple Pancakes with Rosemary Honey (v)
Citrus & Coconut Scones (vg)
Chocolate & Hazelnut Quinoa Granola (vg, gf)

Cakes & Desserts
Rustic Apple Cake (v)
Chocolate Almond Cake (Torta Caprese) (v, gf)
Orange Marmalade Cake (v)
Chestnut Almond Cake (Torta Pisticcina) (v) 
Plum and Brazil Nut Galette (vg)
Coconut & Lemon Tart (v)
Almond Tart (v)
Grapefruit & Fennel Tart (v)
Rosemary, Tahini & Honey Cake (v)
White Chocolate & Cardamom Mousse Cake
Hazelnut & Cherry Loaf (v)
A Really Good Apple Cake (v)

Ricotta Pie (v)
Pear and Citrus Cake (v)
Apple Almond Cake (v)

Canapés & Savory Snacks
Parmesan Saffron Biscuits (v)
Fennel Seed Taralli (vg)
Multi-Seed Spelt Crackers (vg)

Cookies & Small Treats
Spiced Chocolate Almond Diamonds (v)
The Simplest Cocoa Brownies (v)
Date Roulade (Ma’amul for the Lazy) (vg)
Pink Peppercorn Shortbread Fingers (v)
Italian Red Wine Cookies (vg)
Raspberry & Star Anise Friands (vg)
Tahini Cookies (v)
Gin & Grapefruit Millionaire’s Shortbread (v)
White Wine Cookies (vg)
Matcha Biscotti (v)
Raisin Buns (Rosinbolle) (v)
Homemade Oreos (v, gf)
Chocolate Covered Almonds (vg, gf)
St Lucia Buns (Saffron Buns) (v)
Earl Grey, Honey & Orange Macarons (v,gf)
Lingonberry & Rosemary Crumb Tarts (v)
Chocolate Miso Cookies (aka The Best Chocolate Cookies) (v)
Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies (aka the best chocolate chip cookies) (v)
Orange Blossom Oat Cookies (v, gf)
Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies (v)
Brown Cheese Truffles (v, gf)

Condiments, Dips & Spreads

Pea Tahini Dip (vg, gf)
Whipped Black Garlic Butter with Smoked Sea Salt (v, gf)
Preserved Lemon Dressing (vg, gf)
Tomato and Almond Pesto (Pesto Trapanese) (v, gf)
Vanilla Raspberry Jam (vg, gf)
Homemade Ricotta (v, gf)

Fish & Seafood
Vietnamese-Inspired Cod (gf)
Sea Bream with Rhubarb & Tarragon (gf)
Salmon & Fennel Open Sandwich
Gravlax with Fennel Remoulade (gf)
Salmon Crepe Cake (gf)

Veggies Mains & Sides
Roasted Broccoli with Peanuts (vg, gf)
Potato Latkes (v)
Braised Artichokes with Vegetables & Pistou (vg, gf)
Mediterranean Roasted Carrts (v, gf)
Bombay Potatoes (vg,gf)
Winter Blues Beet Salad (v, gf)
Parmigiana Wreath (gf)

Spice-Rubbed Pork & Carrots (gf)
Lamb with Sumac, Green Tahini Sauce & Aubergine (gf)
Arepas with Black Garlic Chicken & Salsa (gf)
Asian Chicken Salad (gf)
Three Cup Chicken (gf)
Meatballs, Aubergine, Tomatoes & Sage

Pasta & Noodles
Romanesco Pasta (vg, gf)
Ricotta Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce (v)
Chinese Cold Sesame Noodles (vg)
Pasta with Potatoes (gf, v)
Chinese Sesame Noodles (gf, vg)
Creamy Pasta with Leeks (v)

Rice & Other Grains

Preserve Lemon & Sumac Risotto (v, gf)
Citrus Fennel Risotto (v, gf)