Brockmans Gin & Grapefruit Millionaire’s Shortbread

Gin was my first love. As a young student testing the grown up waters of alcohol, first I was introduced to the various forms of cheap beer and ales. I still think they taste liquidized nickel. Then there were the the whisky cokes and the orange vodkas but I could not stand the smokiness of the former, or the harshness of the latter. Afterwards I arrived at the gin and tonic. The initial appeal was the wedge of lime I got to suck on after consumption. I also simply preferred it to beer, which tasted like gutter water with fizz, and to the other mixed drinks that were cloying sweet. So I started saying that I liked gin.
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Sea Bream with Rhubarb & Tarragon

Food and cookbooks are my dirty pleasures. Every month, as pay day approaches, I look at my bank account with puzzling perturbation. I consider myself rather careful with money, in fact I carry my cheapness with a sense of pride (#asianmindsets). Then it dawns on me like a dark cloud in the shape of an empty wallet. That dinner was expensive. And so was that one, and the brunch, and the numerous oat milk flat whites you get from the vegan cafe. And all the organic ingredients you buy at the farmer’s market (current obsession: black garlic). Then the hardback cookbooks. All the hardback cookbooks from your Amazon purchase history..
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Raspberry and Star Anise Friands

I’m imagining a sunny day, warm enough to be without a jacket. A vast park that is of various shades of green. It’s morning, there are people, but not too many. Warm, smiling people with their heads held high, as they usually are in the English summer. People walking their dogs, people jogging, people having picnics. Then there’s me. I’m laid down on my back on the grass, not minding the dirt or the insects, looking up at the calming shade of blue. I’m there with a bucket of fresh local raspberries and a large cappuccino. I can imagine myself to be happy and at peace in this scenario.
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Lamb with Sumac, Green Tahini Sauce and Aubergine

Everyone’s got a thing, or at least needs a thing. You may be a gym-bunny or a runner, in which case exercise can be your thing. Humor, sarcasm, or having a brain like a calculator may be your thing. You may be a movie buff, you may be as specific as an 80’s pop geek.

A passion, a love, something of profound interest that it defines who you are.  In your elevator pitch what do you say? My name is x, I’m from x and?
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Almond Tart

I go to restaurants and I pay money for food and with that money comes expectations. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable when I sigh disappointingly at a split hollandaise on my plate. Or dry chicken. Undercooked bread. Overcooked steak. Underseasoned vegetables. Greasy sauce. Wilted salad leaves. These are the things that upset me the most.

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Chinese Cold Sesame Noodles

I love my carbs. They’re the bane of my existence. I can cut down on the sugar, I can cut down on the fat, but if a diet calls for a reduction in carbs, it can go f*ck itself. I recall trying the Paleo diet, and after day three, I was angry, I was irritated and I was unable to concentrate. All clear symptoms of  carb withdrawal.

That’s why I can’t lose weight and my ass continues to expand. I’m trying out more exercises but that’s just making me hungrier and crave for more carbs. Nothing like some thick toasted sourdough smothered in butter for that perfect pre- and post-work out snack.
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Tandoor Chophouse (London)

There’s been a revolution against the British curry houses where Indian cuisine’s tamed down to a heavy, bland, generic stew. After the success of Dishoom a whole wave of trendy Indian restaurants opened their doors in London. Small sharing plates, decor honoring the tradition of Bombay coffee houses, and food that lights up fireworks.

Tandoor Chop House is one of such places. It claims to be North Indian cafe meets Western chop house. I went in the evening, where it’s dimly lit and filled with smoke from the tandoor, creating a wonderfully inviting atmosphere.Image result for tandoor chop house Continue reading “Tandoor Chophouse (London)”