Better Baked Beans

“It has to be Heinz” – no, that sh*t’s got so much sugar and preservatives in it, make your baked beans at home.  I do not understand this British loyalty to Heinz baked beans.  Taste wise it’s pretty one dimensional, it is sweet and bland and it should not define how baked beans – an iconic British staple – taste.

Doesn’t this look so much more appetizing than that pale orange slimy dollop of beans that’s placed in the midst of a traditional fry-up?
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Halloumi with Courgette & Beans

My affinity for halloumi came late.  As with lots of people, my first few experiences with it was beyond unpalatable – they were cold, dense, rubbery superflous additions to salads.  I mean I still don’t like it cold, I don’t get why people eat the stuff cold.  Anyway, then I discovered grilled halloumi.IMG_9424.jpg
When halloumi is heated, instead of it melting and becoming stringy like other cheeses, it becomes soft and silky, and if you do it well with a thin crispy curst.  I’m salivating right now.  Continue reading “Halloumi with Courgette & Beans”

Preserved Lemon & Sumac Risotto

Hi, how are you?  You’re reading the first ever post on fork this.  You may or may not know, but I had another blog, Happy Belly, and after 5 years of that I’ve decided to do a more… “grown-up” blog..? “Proper”, “mature”, “sophisticated” – I don’t really know what adjective I’m looking for.  Making it”grown-up”, however, has been a process of immense stress and frustration.  I should have done more research before I just dived in with my credit card.  With the first blog it all seemed to just fall into place, like I don’t recall spending days on finding the right font.

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