Meatballs, Aubergine, Tomatoes & Sage

It’s been liberating to not update this for three months. Blogging can come with so much silly stress. It became another medium to measure myself against. I stressed over the material and I obsessed over readership. It felt like such an easy and quantifiable way of assessing myself. Like my target at work. Like my grades in schools. Like the number on the scale.

I started this eight years ago with nonchalent innocence. It was an exuberant exploration of food, of something I was just beginning to love. I had updated my blog so often because I just didn’t give a sh*t. There were no sh*ts given about the quality of the writing, the photos or the recipes.
tomatoes aubergine meatballs.jpg
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I f*cking love breakfast on weekends.  Instead of a 2-minute microwaved oatmeal gulped down in front of a computer whilst you check your emails, you take your morning easy – you can enjoy that first meal of the day for over an hour, with proper coffee, maybe some background music, and eggs – I love eggs.  I tried microwaved eggs at work and I loathed it.  Eggs need to be lovingly prepared.  We’ve all had bad scrambled eggs for instance, it’s the easiest thing to f*ck up if you’re not doing it with love.  Anyway.  I do it when I can, on weekends I absolutely love going out for breakfast, even if it’s on my own with a book.  But September was a terrifying month financially, so instead of going to a cute cafe, we ate in.

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Halloumi with Courgette & Beans

My affinity for halloumi came late.  As with lots of people, my first few experiences with it was beyond unpalatable – they were cold, dense, rubbery superflous additions to salads.  I mean I still don’t like it cold, I don’t get why people eat the stuff cold.  Anyway, then I discovered grilled halloumi.IMG_9424.jpg
When halloumi is heated, instead of it melting and becoming stringy like other cheeses, it becomes soft and silky, and if you do it well with a thin crispy curst.  I’m salivating right now.  Continue reading “Halloumi with Courgette & Beans”

Preserved Lemon & Sumac Risotto

Hi, how are you?  You’re reading the first ever post on fork this.  You may or may not know, but I had another blog, Happy Belly, and after 5 years of that I’ve decided to do a more… “grown-up” blog..? “Proper”, “mature”, “sophisticated” – I don’t really know what adjective I’m looking for.  Making it”grown-up”, however, has been a process of immense stress and frustration.  I should have done more research before I just dived in with my credit card.  With the first blog it all seemed to just fall into place, like I don’t recall spending days on finding the right font.

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