Salmon Crepe Cake

I had been rather small-minded about crepes growing up, as I held onto the notion that they were simply vehicles for Nutella. That’s the only way I consumed them in Italy. In fact, those childhood Nutella crepes were only marginally better than eating Nutella out of the jar because it was definitely more crepe on Nutella than Nutella on crepe. When served folded into a messy triangle, you see thick layers of dark brown luscious Nutella with barely visible streaks of yellow crepes in between. Somehow though, psychologically it felt better than just directly eating Nutella on its own. Similarly, Italy also has Nutella gelato in the gelaterias, which, of the few times I’ve tried it, is most certainly just Nutella served at a colder temperature. And again, somehow more socially acceptable than just eating straight Nutella with a spoon which Italians would tut at.

I digress, back to the crepes. Fortunately, with age and more exposure to global foods, I learned that these little pancakes are hospitable to all kinds of fillings. smoked salmon crepe cake Continue reading “Salmon Crepe Cake”

Parmesan Saffron Biscuits

They say I’m absent-minded, that I’ve always been.  I miss things, I lose things, I break things, I walk around in black and blue legs because I seem to not have any awareness of my own body and surroundings and thus constantly run into solid objects.  I hate it.  I hate being labeled as negligent, careless and distracted.  I broke a mug, a bowl and a new spice container yesterday.  I didn’t need to wait for a real scolding because whenever this happens my parents’ voices are loud and clear in my head, berating me for the mistakes I made and reinstating that’s why I am to  never touch anything, wait outside the glassware shop and never do anything remotely adventurous because they’re not meant for scatter-brained kids like me.  img_9902
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