So I didn’t become a chef. I wasn’t idealistic when I applied to culinary school.  I was well aware of the long hours, the pitiful pay, the pressure, the yelling, the swearing — but I loved cooking.  I didn’t mind the idea of peeling potatoes for weeks or the heat or the burns.  I just loved cooking.

I went to Le Cordon Bleu to do the full-on Grand Diplome.  I learned my sauces and my pastries and then I chose not to go into a professional kitchen. Perhaps, it’s precisely because I loved cooking so much, and I didn’t want the industry to rob away my passion.  I think that’s why at least.

So here I am, still cooking away in my spare time.  I have a food-related job, but it’s far from being in a kitchen. As I don’t cook professionally, I share my cooking and ramblings with you here on fork this.2016-10-10-PHOTO-00049154.jpg

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