Brown Cheese Truffles

I live in Norway now. I’ve been here for just under a year, and it still feels very odd, even random, that I’m here. Norway, as a teenager in China ten years ago, was just a Northern European country far, far away. Maybe the only reference I knew was salmon. Never heard of the country in history or geography classes or read about it in the news, I genuinely think I only knew of Norway because of some expensive smoked salmon I ate. And in university when I finally did encounter Norwegians, they were all too blonde, beautiful and cool to be my friends. I most likely didn’t even think of them as “Norwegian” so much as just “Scandinavian”. Then I met a Norwegian man and here I am. Among blonde, beautiful and cool people. And salmon.

I’ve in this year discovered many things to love about Norway, and I need to keep reminding myself of these positive things during the winter when there’s a blizzard outside and the sun only rises at 10am. *Deep breaths* Lots of things to love. Like nature! Equality! The oil fund! And brown cheese! When I first had it, I was confused as f*ck because I was told it was a cheese. And it’s hard to appreciate as a cheese. However, when I mentally took it out of the cheese category and moved it to the sweet category, it all made sense. It’s like salted caramel with some funk to it. It’s just fabulous with anything sweet – like instead of salt, add a bit of brown cheese.

Here I’ve melted it together with chocolate and cream and turned them into truffles.

Makes about 25 small truffles
90ml double cream
125g dark chocolate
200g brown cheese
50g cocoa

Finely chop the dark chocolate and the brown cheese. For the brown cheese, it may be easier to do with a grater, or cut it into thin shavings.

Put the dark chocolate, brown cheese and cream into a bowl, and set it over a double boiler. Stir to melt everything.

Cover the bowl and leave it to set in the fridge overnight.

The next day, using a melon baller or a teaspoon, scoop out some mixture and roll between your hands until it forms a smooth ball. You may find it easier if you coat your palms with some neutral oil.

Roll your truffles in cocoa powder.

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