Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Chocolate was the ultimate comfort food for me as a child. I would fall, scrape my knees, bleed, and chocolate can just switch off those tear ducts in an instance. Looking back, no physical or emotional pain couldn’t be soothed by chocolate.

Unfortunately, because life’s a b*tch, chocolate’s potency has weakened with time. These days the coronavirus gets me down, I eat chocolate, cry even more as now not only am I sad, but I’m going to be fat and sad.
chocolate hazelnut
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Apple Almond Cake

Ok. Let’s keep this content corona-free. I probably spend more time reading about the corona virus than working these days, so this post will just be about the apple cake. Let’s just stop thinking about corona for five minutes and instead find comfort in the baking of an apple cake. A fantastic apple cake that’s more apple than cake, so really, it’s ok to eat now that all gyms are closed and you’re doing nothing but baking and eating because you can’t go out and do anything and baking and eating are the only things that can distract you from reading more about the corona virus. almond apple torte Continue reading “Apple Almond Cake”