Salmon & Fennel Open Sandwich

“Sh*t, did I just spend £35 on two coffees and two sandwiches?”

That was my first visit to Norway. That was breakfast. That was the result of me stupidly saying, “let’s go out for breakfast, my treat” to my boyfriend. I didn’t know better. The worst part is my sandwich was not even memorable, I had no idea what I hate. I hate overspending on forgettable food.
salmon open sandwichMy rant is relevant as this is a Scandi-inspired dish. And I can guarantee you that this sandwich is better than the one I had in that mediocre cafe because I remember this. This is a brunch dish that would cost you double digits even in London.

I know, I enjoy weekend brunches in cute restaurants too, it’s not the same when you brunch at home. But sometimes, at the end of the month, when your bank account is telling you to calm the f*ck down, you do not have to deprive of yourself of nice brunches – make yourself this sandwich.
salmon toast
Serves 2
2 large slices of sourdough
2 tbsp mayonnaise
1/2 lemon, zest and juice
1/2 fennel, thinly sliced
100g smoked salmon
1/2 spring onion, chopped
A few leaves of coriander
Black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Mix together the mayonnaise together with a bit of the lemon juice to taste.

Spread the mayonnaise on the toasted slices of sourdough. Top with salmon, fennel, lemon zest, coriander and spring onion. Drizzle with olive oil and grind some black pepper on top and sprinkle on and sea salt flakes.

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