Earl Grey, Honey & Orange Macarons

The raw ingredients for these macarons work out to be roughly 25p each, and this calculation is based on retail prices and on organic eggs & butter, thus with whole sale prices and non-organic ingredients, let’s be conservative, we’ll say it would be just shy of 15p. Obviously the rent of the facilities, and the  cost of the chef, electricity, and equipment need to be considered too. Furthermore, with human error and just the regular “shit happens” moments mean that not all the macarons made in a batch will be in the adequate aesthetic state to be sold. Let’s say the rate is 80% for a decent pastry chef, 80% of the macarons made will be sold. I don’t know how much that all adds up to to tell you the average cost of a retail macaron is, but i can tell you that at £2 a bite, the mark up is preposterous.
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A Really Good Apple Cake

This post is really about how to salvage a cake disaster. This was a cake that took a long time in the oven, and it was my third cake of the day, and it was getting late, and I just wanted to go to bed. Therefore, as soon as the cake was done I retrieved it from the oven, and tried to take it out of the tin after five minutes instead of letting it cool properly. So… I inverted it… And half the cake was stuck to the pan. After a series of expletives I pulled myself together as I had to solve the situation. This was my boyfriend’s 30th birthday cake. I had made him three cakes, one for each decade, and the apple cake was his favorite. apple cake Continue reading “A Really Good Apple Cake”