Spiced Corn & Pea Fritters

I used to make pancakes with my mom. Other than that, the only times I’d really pass by the kitchen would be when she was baking so I could lick the batter off the spoons and the beaters. But pancakes we did together, because it was always my initiative. We had this vintage Cook’s Illustrated that was clumsily held together by rolls and rolls of tape, and the page with the pancake recipe was detached from the rest of the book. I’d take it to the kitchen to my mother, and I’m sure I must have helped out with the measuring and the mixing… But I have no recollection of that. I just remember sitting on the high chair next to the stove, and eating the pancake one by one as they got out of the pan.
green pea fritters
I never got to experience eating a stack of pancakes on a plate, like they do in the movies. I ate them one at a time by hand, dipped in maple syrup.

These are obviously very different from the plain classic American pancakes I’m talking about, but it’s just a nice memory that I thought I’d share with you. Also, I don’t really know the difference between pancakes and fritters, but pancakes make me think of breakfast, and I had these for dinner, so I called these fritters. They’re really lovely, especially because of the ricotta. I’ve got a memory regarding ricotta as well but I’ll share that with you next time.

These are obviously open to customization – if you’re not a fan of the spices used, do something more classic with just lemon zest, and maybe some nutmeg. Maybe use mint or parsley. You know, play around with it.
pea corn fritter

Makes about 12 small fritters


150g green peas
150g corn kernels
a bunch coriander, chopped
1 tsp garam masala
150g ricotta
3 tbsp buckwheat flour
2 eggs, whisked

Blitz the peas, corn and coriander together in a food processor. It doesn’t have to be completely smooth, it’s good to have bits.

Pour the mixture into a bowl an whisk in the rest of the ingredients. Season with some salt and pepper.

Heat some oil in a pan over low-medium heat. Drop in dollops of the batter and fry for a few minutes, until golden, then flip over and fry for a few extra minutes.

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