Asian Chicken Salad

“You know, I’ve never spoken with an Asian before.”

I was perplexed more than anything. The statement was from a colleague. A colleague whom I didn’t know well, a colleague whom I had just met and whom I was engaged in rather pleasant small talk with prior to his sudden proclamation that I was the first Asian he had ever spoken with.

I was perplexed. Yes, I was offended because I’m not a different species, dude, so how has this experience been for you? But more than anything I was perplexed because we are literally everywhere, where do you live such that there is no Asian shop or restaurant in the vicinity?!
asian chicken salad
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Chocolate-Covered Almonds

I’ve been trying to practice mindful eating. It’s what would prevent me from devouring an entire bowl of these almonds in two minutes. I’m still learning. So far my strategy of refraining from mindless eating is to simply avoid all foods that trigger that primal side of me. It’s chocolate-covered coffee beans, bread sticks, chips: anything with that right combination of sweet or salty along with that satisfying crunch.
chocoalte covered almonds.jpg
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Bombay Potatoes

Curry recipes are often a bit of a hit-and-miss. It’s difficult to make a good one that balances all the spices, achieving a symphony of flavors rather than a just generic “hot”. I’m not saying that I’ve got curries covered, and that I’ve slaved over this recipe with trial and error, adjusting the proportions of the ingredients time after time. I don’t really improvise with curries, I look for curry recipes, follow them down to a tee, and share the ones that are good with you, like this one.
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Spiced Corn & Pea Fritters

I used to make pancakes with my mom. Other than that, the only times I’d really pass by the kitchen would be when she was baking so I could lick the batter off the spoons and the beaters. But pancakes we did together, because it was always my initiative. We had this vintage Cook’s Illustrated that was clumsily held together by rolls and rolls of tape, and the page with the pancake recipe was detached from the rest of the book. I’d take it to the kitchen to my mother, and I’m sure I must have helped out with the measuring and the mixing… But I have no recollection of that. I just remember sitting on the high chair next to the stove, and eating the pancake one by one as they got out of the pan.
green pea fritters
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Homemade Oreos

I was disgusted at the launch of Oreo Double Stuf. ¬†For me, the best bit was always the cookie, and I always made an effort to open them up gently and delicately scrape away that white frosting with a knife. And it made me realize that not everyone is like me, which I often forget. I look at certain food launches in the world and their successes baffle me because I personally wouldn’t consume them.

Orange neither complements or contrasts chocolate and I find the pairing groundless. Infusing anything with rose makes it reminiscent of soap. Licorice should just be pulled out of the market, because it is actually one of the few things that I refuse to eat. And why hasn’t Oreo launched Oreo No Stuf?
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