Whipped Black Garlic Butter with Smoked Sea Salt

Is your bread spread with plain butter? Is that what you serve at a dinner party? You barbarian. Your poor bread deserves better. Whip the butter and flavor it, make an effort. I implore you to go to a specialist shop to purchase black garlic and make this recipe as it’s mind-blowing.

For the record, I don’t say this about all my recipes.
Black garlic has become an obsession of mine. I know that I jumped on the wagon a bit late as the trend started years ago but it always seemed overpriced. Oh but it is not overpriced, I tell you doubters. Black garlic cloves are tender, sticky, sweet umami bombs. Make the purchase, puree it with olive oil or butter and smear it on everything, from bread to chicken and vegetables. Soon you’ll be eating them out of a jar like candy.

As I said before, please try this as I am absolutely in love with this butter.  If you can’t be bothered to whip the butter (even though it’s so much better, it’s what most fancy restaurants do and it makes it light and airy, melting effortlessly onto your bread), just make a compound butter. So simply mix all the ingredients together instead of whipping it, that’s also acceptable.  This is a gateway recipe, after this black garlic will become a staple in your kitchen.
IMG_1753 copy

100g butter, room temperature
5 cloves of black garlic, or more to taste, finely chopped and mashed
Smoked sea salt flakes, like Maldon, to taste

Cut the butter into cubes and whip it with hand beaters or a stand mixer until fluffy, a few minutes.

Add the black garlic and continue to beat until incorporated.  Add smoked sea salt, to taste.

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