Tandoor Chophouse (London)

There’s been a revolution against the British curry houses where Indian cuisine’s tamed down to a heavy, bland, generic stew. After the success of Dishoom a whole wave of trendy Indian restaurants opened their doors in London. Small sharing plates, decor honoring the tradition of Bombay coffee houses, and food that lights up fireworks.

Tandoor Chop House is one of such places. It claims to be North Indian cafe meets Western chop house. I went in the evening, where it’s dimly lit and filled with smoke from the tandoor, creating a wonderfully inviting atmosphere.Image result for tandoor chop house Continue reading “Tandoor Chophouse (London)”

Lemon & Coconut Tart

Words are too simple for emotions. Anxiety can be synonymous with nervousness, unease and also paralyzing fear. We say that one is depressed after a disappointing game result, one is depressed after losing their wallet, and one is also depressed when they’re looking down from the edge of a bridge. These feelings, these emotions, are sometimes felt simply flooding one’s mind, but some feel it deep in their stomach, suffocating in their chest, or clogging up their throat. We lack words that describe the combination of emotions. Despair can be hopelessness and sad, but what would we call the oxymoron of distress and delight, or the curdling mix of shock, remorse, hope, and guilt?p1000060

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Citrus & Coconut Scones

I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I can easily pass on that dessert course and order a plate of cheese instead. I love cheese, I could bathe in cheese. I can live on just cheese and bread – all kinds of cheese and only with the best sourdough bread (ahem E5). But I digress, I’m okay about sweets but scones are irresistible. These warm and fluffy treats are some of the best things the UK has to offer.
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