Multi-Seed Spelt Crackers

I am a product of globalization. My father’s Italian, my mother’s Chinese, I grew up in international schools in China and I’m now living in the UK. The point is, I do not know how to empathize with sentiments of nationalism and isolationism because I struggle to associate a country with my identity. I hold an Italian passport and I adore all the food and culture that Italy offers but I’ve never lived there. Italian’s not my native language. And to Italians I look Asian. I grew up in China and my mother’s a firm believer of Chinese medicine but I need a visa to go to the country. Most of my friends growing up were of international backgrounds. And to the Chinese I look white.

In the midst of all anti-globalization sentiment I feel a bit lost. I’d always loved London because I could actually be from here, I didn’t look or feel like a foreigner in this multicultural city.

I understand that globalization has negatively affected many people, I understand that it has left them feeling bitter and robbed, and I understand that they are resorting to radical options. I understand but I’m still upset. As a product of globalization it leaves me deeply saddened and… lost. 

It’s only the beginning of the year, and the beginning of this new..era. Let’s see what happens.  In happier news – these healthy crackers that will fit neatly into your detox january diet. Nothing like some healthy baking to brighten the mood, right? Even just a little bit. Wholegrain, packed with seeds, you use whatever seeds you have. Perfect little snacks they are.


Makes two medium trays of crackers
50g pumpkin seeds
50g chia seeds
50g sesame seeds
70g oat bran
150g spelt flour
7g salt
150g water
50g olive oil

Preheat oven to 180C.  Mix together all the dry ingredients in one bowl.  In a separate bowl whisk together the olive oil and water and slowly add to the dry ingredients until it all comes together.

Roll out to about 1-2mm thick, cut into desired shapes.  Place on a grease-proof paper-lined tray and bake for about 30 minutes.  They’ll crisp up more when they cool.

One thought on “Multi-Seed Spelt Crackers

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