Italian Red Wine Cookies

People underestimate how much they change. We think we’re pretty much set in stone when we reach adulthood, but even at 60 some people look back and say they’re different than how they were 5 years ago.  Personally I think I’ve grown more introverted and socially awkward over the years. I used to be that unbearable person that needed constant interaction with people. I was this ball of bubbly energy that yearned to befriend everyone – and whilst I’m still a people pleaser (which I don’t know why is a negative label), I find old me exhausting and intolerable.
Nowadays I sit in the corner of the office with my headphones on and I avoid big social gatherings with strangers.  I stress easily and become awkward.  Illustrative example: I had to pay someone back $35.73.   I had missed the last bit and transferred him $35. I panicked – well now I just seem cheap.  What do I do? Offer to buy him coffee?  I don’t know him well enough to go out for coffee with him.  There’s no backtrack button on my online banking app.  Do I round it up and transfer $1? It would make sense to round up 35 to 36, but 73 cents to $1?  Minutes later I transferred him 75 cent and I emailed to explain my dilemma and why I had made that latter transfer.  After no response from him I felt the urge to send another email to apologize. Then I sat there, reflected on myself, and thought, have I always been this weird?

Anyway.  This came from the fact that I actually made these cookies fourteen months ago, when I was… Well, I think I had already surpassed my extroverted stage.  Delicious little red wine cookies, they’re some of my favorites.  Crunchy, sweet and it’s made of wine.
These are cookies I eat to comfort myself after embarrassing social moments. 

Recipe adapted from Ricette della Nonna
Makes about 30 cookies
125ml olive oil
150ml dry red wine
1 tsp baking soda
180g caster sugar
500g flour (I did 1/2 with whole wheat)
Granulated sugar for sprinkling

Mix the olive oil, wine, sugar and baking soda together, then slowly incorporate the flour.  Mix until it comes together then wrap in cling film and leave at room temperature for an hour.

Preheat oven to 180C and grease a baking tray.  For each cooking, pick out two pieces that are about 10g in weight and roll out into a strand that’s about 15cm long.  Place the two strands side by side, pressing together gently, and twist, then pinch ends to seal to form a loop.

Place them on the baking tray, sprinkle on the granulated sugar, and bake for 25-30 minutes.  They’ll crisp up when they cool.

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