Italian Red Wine Cookies

People underestimate how much they change. We think we’re pretty much set in stone when we reach adulthood, but even at 60 some people look back and say they’re different than how they were 5 years ago.  Personally I think I’ve grown more introverted and socially awkward over the years. I used to be that unbearable person that needed constant interaction with people. I was this ball of bubbly energy that yearned to befriend everyone – and whilst I’m still a people pleaser (which I don’t know why is a negative label), I find old me exhausting and intolerable.
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Pink Peppercorn Shortbread Fingers


Shortbread is so utterly boring and old fashioned, it’s like the culinary equivalent of a Volvo 240. Especially the packaged ones that come in those thick rectangles with dotted lines, dry and crunchy, filling me with disappointment when I’m served it as a tea accompaniment.

To be fair, objectively, there is nothing wrong with a good shortbread.   Delicately crumbly, melting on the tongue, rich with butter – it’s all good things. But it’s still dull. p1050115 Continue reading “Pink Peppercorn Shortbread Fingers”

Potato Latkes

As I’m sniffling and sneezing on the couch, feeling the pain in my body and the close approach of death, I’m thinking of how much I hate winter.  It’s been a stressful week, with clogged sinks, dysfunctional washing machine, populst parties and when the boiler broke down last night, my body just gave up.  What I’m really yearning for right now is a baked potato with a drizzle of olive oil and some Maldon salt.  That’s how my mom used to make it and I desperately need some soft, creamy, warm carb topped with fat and salt right now.  I was looking through some old photos and found this – potato latkes, which actually would be equally satisfying as well.  If I had the energy to stand up and do all the prep required for these potato latkes to realize, I would.
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The Simplest Cocoa Brownies

I was banned from wearing white clothes at one point as a child. Now that I’m all grown up and can make my own decisions I just wear a bib when I wear white clothes.
And it wasn’t just chocolate. My grandparents told me of the story of when I was about 2 years old at a pizza restaurant where I was all nicely dressed up. The pizza came, and, I wasn’t even civilized enough to use my hands, I just dropped my face into the pizza and ate away.  See, back in those days it was cute, now when I do that it’s just gross. Continue reading “The Simplest Cocoa Brownies”

Sardine (London)

Maybe it’s better to write a review some time after you’ve dined at the restaurant.  If it is good, it is memorable. I eat out a lot and I can’t remember all the mediocre meals, especially since I cannot even remember where I’ve put my keys half the time. it’s the good ones and the abysmal ones that stick. Even months later, Sardine and the dishes we had linger in my memory – in a good way.

Source: Sardine

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