E5 Bakehouse (London)

I’d like to firstly state that this review is not sponsored, and thus my passion for E5 bakehouse is not exaggerated – I genuinely think this place does the best sourdough in London.

IMG_9323 2.JPGYes, I got straight to the point.

So. London has a lot of choices.  Too many choices sometimes.  It feels like anywhere in  Central London, within a one-mile radius you’ve got 5 hipster coffee shops, 3 bakeries and 3 Vietnamese restaurants.  It’s hard to stick to one place in London because with the array of choices, you always want to try something new.  I eat out a lot (probably too much for how much I earn, but that’s all I spend my money on) and there are only a few places where their quality outweighs the temptation to try something new.  I only go to one Vietnamese restaurant, I have my favorite Japanese place, and I only get my sourdough from e5 Bakehouse.

The bread scene in London is simply amazing.  You’ve got plenty of artisanal, community-centric, laid back bakeries tucked away under railway arches, especially in Hackney.  And plenty of them do incredible bread.

I can’t say for their other baked goods, or miscellaneous breakfast items.  They make a decent coffee, but you go there for their sourdough.

They have proper big airpockets, and the texture is incredibly stretchy and moist.  Light sour aroma with a deep, complex, almost coffee like character (especially in the wholemeal sourdough).  They’re all simply delicious.  My partner and I both concluded that it’s the best bread either of us had ever had.  And he’s Scandinavian.

IMG_9694.jpgIf you’re there for breakfast, grab one of those currant buns because they run out fast.   I strongly recommend the multigrain loaf as well.

Go to E5 Bakehouse for breakfast too if you get a chance.  Grab one of those currant buns quick because they run out fast.  I strongly recommend the rye bread, multigrain and wholemeal if you’re buying a couple of loaves home.  For breakfast,  fet the rye bread with the ball of goat’s curd drizzled with honey.  Get whatever they have with eggs and bread.  Get the sandwich the charcuterie and the salad leaves and the eggs.   Hackney’s far?  It’s worth the trip.  Trust me.  I spend 45 min to  get there to restock my freezer on pretty much a biweekly basis.

e5 Bakehouse
Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PH
Daily 7:00 – 19:00
+44 (0) 20 85352890

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